Halloween Celebration in the USA

Halloween is also known as AllHalloween or All Saint’s Eve. It is celebrated in most of the countries on 31 October. It is celebrated with family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. In this festival, a number of parties, events, and trick & treat are held. In this festivity, the children get dressed up in fancy costumes and apply different types of make-up and visit the neighborhood asking for sweets, snacks, and a small gift. If the neighborhood doesn’t drop any of these things in their bucket then they threaten the neighbors to do something harmful for them and it is considered as the part of their play ‘trick-or-treat’.

On the other hand, adults may get indulge in diverse kinds of planned events like parties, watching horror movies, creating a haunted house or graveyards to enjoy the festivity. In this way, the people of the USA celebrate the Halloween day. Adults also come up with some innovative, attractive and scary lanterns and scary faces out of pumpkins and some other vegetables to decorate their homes and gardens just like in Halloween style. The tradition of Halloween day is to offer some sweets and presents whosoever knocks on your door.

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Halloween Celebration Travel Destinations

Travelers that are looking for Halloween celebration travel; they must visit some of the amazing places to experience the best Halloween in America such as follows:

Village Halloween Parade in New York

Halloween Day Celebration

It is an annual holiday parade conducted on the night of every Halloween. It is claimed that it is the largest Halloween Parade and the only nighttime parade.

West Hollywood Carnival, Los Angeles

Halloween Day Celebration Los Angeles

The Hollywood Carnival is an annual event and it is free and open for all to enjoy. It is observed that it is the most unique Halloween gatherings in the world. The event has turned up as the annual event of phenomenal costumes, entertainment, culture, and self-expression.

Festival of the Dead, Salem, Massachusetts

Halloween Celebration Massachusetts

It is the special time when Festival of the Dead, an annual event series is celebrated by macabre customs, heretical histories, and strange rituals. Travelers will surely experience something new.

Halloween in New Orleans

Halloween day celebration in New Orleans

Halloween in New Orleans is celebrated in wild and crazy way. The festival is not meant only for kids, there are some amazing activities that will make grown-ups crazy. Travelers will definitely have great fun here.

Las Vegas Halloween

Halloween day celebration in Las Vegas

Vegas is itself one of the fantastic and exciting places to visit and on the day of Halloween festival, it becomes more amazing. Travelers will definitely enjoy the nightlife, clubs, and casinos of the place.

Other than these places, there are some more places where travelers can visit on Halloween Day such as Sleepy Hollow New York, Emma Crawford Festival, Manitou Springs Colorado, Little Five Points Halloween Festival Atlanta, The Louisville Zoo Halloween Party and Halloween on Halsted Chicago. At each of these places, the celebration is awesome and travelers will have a wonderful time throughout the journey. So, participate in the amazing Halloween day festival of USA.

Fly USA to Celebrate Halloween Day in the USA

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