Are you fond of enjoying cartoons? Well, I guess no one can say “NO” to this question. There are numbers of cartoons that we use to watch in our childhood and sometimes, we even love to watch the repeated shows. We are so connected with our childhood memories that if we see something related to our childhood memory we use to recall our childhood time and enjoy the particular moment. What if you get a chance to fly in a flight which is designed in your favorite cartoon character? Well, it is not a joke, there are a number of airlines that are designed based on a theme.

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ANA – Pokemon Plane

Ana Airlines - Crystal Travel USA

In the year 1998, Japan has emerged with a creative and imaginative move by designing All Nippon Airways (ANA) in the design of a well-known cartoon character Pokemon. There is a first movie that people enjoyed on the Pokemon Jet and received a great experience that people called it “Pokemania” experience. The aircraft, as well as cabin crews, were dressed into Pokemon themes. The headrests, food container, uniforms of the flight attendant, and souvenir bags were designed into the Pokemon theme. Such kind of airline design has attracted a number of passengers on the flight and its promotion has enhanced the number of passengers carried.

Alaska – Incredibles – 2

Alaska Airlines

Alaska airline is one of the airlines that is painted in a popular movie known as “Incredibles – 2”. The beautiful bright colors, the famous Alaska Airlines Eskimo and the popular characters of the movie are painted over the airline. Travelers will spot Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and the rest of the family on the airplane. The beautiful design and concept of the airline wins the heart of travelers and compel them to travel again to get the similar experience again.

New Zealand – Lord of the Rings

Air New Zealand

You must have watched the Oscar-winning movie “Lord of the Rings”, Isn’t awesome? Well, of course, it is phenomenal. Well, people traveling into New Zealand may get a chance to travel to New Zealand’s airline designed into Lord of the Rings movie theme. Travelers may get a chance to experience the LOTR-branded Air New Zealand planes and its great facilities and amenities. Travelers can also enjoy the video and characters of the movie while traveling to New Zealand.

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is one of the attractive airlines which is designed and created in a partnership with Pixar. The animated studio Pixar created a movie “Toy Story” which is beautifully designed inside and outside of the China Eastern Airlines. The characters of the Toy Story named as Buzz, Woody and Jessie are looking stunning over the airline. The airline flies to the Shanghai route. As the airline is designed in such beautiful design, therefore, the menus, headphones, seat and even cutlery are also available in the same theme. The travelers get “Toy Story”-themed boarding pass, which eventually makes them feel special. Each of these things offers the unique experience to travelers.

Swiss Airlines

Swiss Airlines

In the year 2010, the airline celebrates the new service started between Zürich and San Francisco. To celebrate the new launch, the Swiss Airline painted its aircraft in some amazing signs peace, flower, stars, rainbow, and things of hippie. Before painted the final design, the airline asked the Swiss people to vote for favorite design out of three different designs through Swiss daily newspaper. After receiving 30,000 votes, the airline decided the final design and continues to run deep in the hearts of Swiss Airline passengers.

Brussels Airline

Brussels Airline

Brussels Airline has designed the aircraft on the theme of Belgium’s most famous sons, Tintin. This is one of the popular cartoon characters that people love to watch on TV and read its in-flight magazines written in English, French and Dutch languages. The design of the airline comprises of a 37-meter shark submarine from the Tintin adventure, the wire fox terrier Snowy, and his faithful companion. The blend of Black, Blue and White colors made this airline looks quite attractive.

Each of these cartoon themed airlines attracted a number of the traveler across the world. After all, it reminds out childhood. So, if you get such opportunity to travel in a theme based airline then, don’t miss the chance and enjoy the unique experience.


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