All About Veterans Day

Veterans Day is annually celebrated in the USA, on 11th November. On the day of Veterans Day, veterans are thanked for their incredible services that they served to the nation. This day is also celebrated as the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended the World War between the Allied nations and Germany in 1918. It is a public holiday and most of the schools and businesses are closed to celebrate, honor and thank all the military personnel.

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Some Facts About Veterans Day

Veterans Day

  • Formerly, Veterans Day was called as Armistice Day and it was created to commemorate the signing of a truce between Germany and the Allied nations in World War I, 1918. The name was changed to Veterans Day in the year 1954 and considered as the day of honor, tribute, and thanks.
  • Earlier Veterans Day was celebrated in October, but Congress moved it so that government officers can enjoy a long weekend.
  • Most of the people get confused between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Veterans Day honors all Veterans who have served or serving the nation, however, Memorial Day is celebrated to honor and remember veterans that lost their lives in World War I.
  • Currently, the country has more than 21 million living veterans, so it is important to thank them whenever to meet a military personnel.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day

veterans day

People of USA celebrate the Veterans Day by joining numbers of parades across the nation. On most of the festivals and events people enjoy with their friends and family, therefore one should dedicate this Veterans Day to thank the military personnel and enjoy to the fullest. Apart from participating into Veterans Day parade, people can also put the US Flag in front or top of the apartment to dedicate and express the patriotic thoughts. Other than both these activities, people can even invite the military personnel at home for lunch and dinner and spend a great time with them. The idea of inviting military personnel at home is one of the super great ideas as people can easily express what they feel for their military personnel. People can even plan a number of activities for children to understand why the country celebrates Veterans Day and what its history is.

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Emergency or Medical Travel

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