While going on a vacation there are a number of challenges emerge. Therefore, while traveling to a new city or destination it is important to avoid some of the common mistakes, because if you get trapped in a problem then the entire trip will get spoil. So, keep it in mind precaution is better than cure, so make sure you do not get trapped in some miserable mistakes that eventually make you suffer a lot. Here are few things to keep it in mind before traveling.

Don’t pack everything for everyone


It is important to prepare a list of important stuff to be packed according to the weather situation and remain stick on it while packing the bag. Overpacking will not only cost you heavy on the pocket, but it also becomes a burden to carry over packed bag everywhere you are visiting. Your kids will not wear 10 different clothes on a trip of five days, take a wise decision of packing limited clothes. Instead of packing unnecessary clothes, make sure you have packed important essentials including medicines, toothbrushes, sweater/sweatshirt, etc.

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Not made a budget for the trip

budget for a trip

While going on a family trip, most of the time people think it doesn’t matter even if they spend some extra money on their family, after all, the family is the first priority. Well, if you are one who is thinking the same then you are wrong. It is really important to make a budget for every single day as well as entire trip and make sure you remain stick to the budget because overspending on a family trip may cost you very heavy on your pocket that you have ever dreamed of it. So, better to be in budget otherwise after vacations you won’t have money to spend on your family, after all, you already spent a lot of money on them.

Trying to explore more in a day or two

Exploring days

Don’t try to explore a number of attractions in a city on a single day because it is useless if you can’t recall each attraction when your kids grow up. Make a list of attractions or places according to the interest of your kids and accordingly plan your itinerary.  Make sure that the attractions are important so that your kids can easily recall it after growing up. For example the museum, museums are not only about their interest but they will be also helpful to them in their further studies. Exploring important and limited attraction will also keep the kids less exhausted.

Don’t forget to pack important medicines

Medical Help on a trip

Every parent know the immunity, allergy and illness symptoms or conditions of their kids, therefore it is important to pack the important medicines and make sure you also carry pediatrician’s numbers on hand. God forbid, in case an emergency occurs then you must be able to handle the illness of your kid and save the trip instead of sitting at the doctor’s place. Apart from taking the travel insurance, you must think about health insurance of your kids as it will help you a lot in saving the money in case of emergency.

Don’t forget to pack your travel documents and printouts

documents - Passport

While traveling with kids, you can’t make even a small mistake, after all, it can create a big mess in your travel. Therefore, get your travel documents and printouts organized in a folder a week ago. Make a file in which you can keep your travel documents including passport, boarding passes, hotel reservations booking copy, pediatrician’s numbers, medical prescription of a doctor, etc. Keep this file in a special pouch and make sure you always carry it with you.

Not applying for a passport months before your trip


It is extremely important to get your passport at least one month before your trip starts and understand the visa requirements, etc. If you don’t want last minute hassle, then it is better to arrange everything before your trip because normal processing of passport and visa takes at least 4-6 weeks and further processing may require 2-3 weeks of time.

So, these are some of the common mistakes that travelers make while traveling with family, so beware of these mistakes and enjoy the family trip to the fullest. Happy journey!


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